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Join our Club!

Beanie Yogini Kids Yoga Studio is proud to be our areas first Presidential Youth Fitness Program (PYFP) Fitness facility just for children.  


Our 7 week class curriculum meets the requirements to become a Let’s Move! active school.    Our PYFP program is designed for all children homeschooled or otherwise in grades K – 12 regardless of abilities.

Our PYFP program easily fits into your schedule. For children and teens 6-17yrs goal is, 1 hour of activity a day with 1 hour supervised lesson per week. For our younger students we engage 2 hours of play a day with 1 supervised lesson  per week.  We recognize all of our participants with a Presidents Youth Fitness Award certificate. We encourage our members to reach high.  Set a higher goal with additional supervised lessons and challenges to win gifts and prizes along the way.


We invite you to join the Beanie Yogini PYFP group either at the studio or online.  You will be able to monitor your progress and take new challenges.  As an all kids facility, all of our members are kids and teens ages  3-17.   Our PYFP group is no different:  you simply need the desire to get active (or increase your current activity level and eat healthy.  Its been our goal, as our motto states "Building stong bodies and minds" ,  to help America’s kids get stronger and healthier.


We realize now more than ever, we all need some incentive to make physical activity and healthy eating a part of our daily routine, and the President’s Youth Fitness Challenge is where you’ll get it.  Join us today and take the challenge.




Presidential Youth Fitness Program(PYFP)

Physical activity is critical to our children’s health and well-being. Research shows that children with better health are in school more days, are better able to learn, have higher self-esteem and are at lower risk for developing chronic diseases.



What is the Presidential Youth Fitness Program?

The Presidential Youth Fitness Program (PYFP) is a free, voluntary program that focuses on three areas:

• Professional development for physical educators

• A health-related fitness assessment

• Motivational recognition to empower students to adopt and maintain an active lifestyle


The PYFP provides a model for fitness education within a comprehensive, quality physical education program.  It emphasizes appropriate instructional practices and communication before, during and after the fitness assessment takes place.


The program uses FITNESSGRAM®, which provides an efficient way for physical educators to perform evidence-based health-related fitness assessments. 

In accordance with The new Presidential Youth Fitness Program (PYFP), Beanie Yogini assesses kids’ fitness as it relates to their health—instead of athletic performance. 


Why Should I join Beanie Yogini's Group and Adopt the Presidential Youth Fitness Program?

Beanie Yogini is an authorized testing facility for the Presidential Youth Fitness program (PYFP).  Joining our group provides a place for kids and teens to get together and support each other while learning how to get and stay healthy through proper diet and exercise.    We provide training that prepares our members for completing challenges and test right here in our facilitity.  We encourage teamwork , provide comraderie , but train our members to focus on their own individual sucesses.    We encourge our students with weekly incentives and  provide  certificate awards upon completion of the program.

Your participation further shows that you understand the value of developing healthy, active children who are ready to learn and sucessfully completed  a national fitness assessment. The Beanie Yogini program meets the National Physical Education Standard #3.

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