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Party with a Twist

Birthday Parties
Play Dates
Girl Scout Troops

Celebrate your loved one’s special day with exclusive rights to our studio and  party Lounge. 

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Please Note:  Our packages do not include a personalized birthday cake .



My American Girl Doll Loves Yoga Too Party

2 hours of fun and silliness for up to 12 children to share the yoga fun with their favorite dolls, or stuffed animal! We'll explore pint-sized poses, mini-mudras, and bitsy balances, all for the kids and their favorite toy-friend. Kids bring their own doll or stuffed animal, help them into yoga poses, and they can practice alongside, on their very own mini yoga mat, which they will decorate and keep.

Pizza service included.  You and your guest have exclusive rights to the studio during your party.


Recommended for ages 7 and up.



Harry Potter

The Philosophers Stone


Arrive at Platform 9 3/4  with 11 of your best friends , where Hagrid will meet you.  Practice your ALOHOMORA!  to enter Hogwarts Great Hall for 2 hours of Yoga fun,  Fill cauldrons, jump on a flying broom , narrowly escape the giant spider and make friends with the 3 legged dog.  All on the way to discovering the location of the Philosophers Stone.


Pizza service included.


 Recommended for ages 7 and up.





Yoga Art Party

2 hours of creative yoga and games with props & music for up to 12 children and a special craft project for the kids to take home.  Choose from creating puppets, origami, yoga-shirts, wish-boxes, meditation jars or Mandalas. 


Pizza service included.  


 You and your guest have exclusive rights to the studio.


Recommended for ages 3 and up.



Butterfly Yoga Party

2 hours of magical butterfly fun! Includes the transformation from caterpillar into a butterfly through yoga poses, music, stories, props and butterfly wings to decorate and take home for more fun and enjoyment.  Enjoy with for up to 11 of your very favorite friends, and relive the magic over and over again. 


Pizza service included.   


 You and your guest have exclusive rights to the studio during your party .


Recommended for ages 4 and up.



Birthday Party contract


Need a little help?


We Thought of everything. 

All of our parties are packaged

to include Pizza. 

Setup, cleanup, paper goods

props ,music.


Fun always

included at no additional cost.




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