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 WELCOME! We are so excited that you and your child will be joining us this session. Please review our class policies before the first day of class and let me know if you have questions. Thank you!


PAYMENT:  Beanie Yogini classes run in sessions and full payment for the session is due prior to the start of the first class of the session. A 5-week session is $60.00  for each yogini. Additional siblings receive  5% off. For your convenience we accept cash , credit cards and checks made out to “Beanie Yogini” . You must be paid in full before the start of a session to be guaranteed your spot in class


MISSED CLASSES:  If a student misses a class, we unfortunately cannot offer any class credits or refunds. If you have to miss a class, please notify the studio by calling 610 601 4334 or by  email to in advance whenever possible. If you notify your Facilitator in advance, it may be possible for you to make up one missed class by attending another age-appropriate class on another day of the week during the same session if space permits. You must schedule the make up class with your Facilitator in advance. If the Facilitator has to miss a class for some reason, we will schedule a makeup class in the interim week between sessions.


LATE ENROLLMENT:  New students are admitted during the first and second class of a session if the class is not full. Fees are prorated accordingly.


WITHDRAWAL:  If you need to withdraw from a Beanie Yogini Yoga class session, please notify us at least 72 hours prior to the first class of the session to receive a full refund. If 72 hours of notification of withdrawal is provided, you will receive a full refund less a $25 administrative fee. No refunds will be extended if notification of withdrawal is received after the start of a class session


LATE ARRIVAL:  We understand that you are on Child/Baby time! Please feel free to come to class late – even if you’re a ½ hour late. We will always welcome you with open arms!


SHOES:  Street shoes are not permitted in the studio.. Please plan on removing your shoes and your baby’s shoes (if applicable) upon entering the studio. Beanie Yogini has personal cubbies  available, please leave shoes, jackets and other items in the reception area. .


FOOD & DRINK:  Beanie Yogini Studio has a no food policy in their studio space . Eating solid food while practicing Yoga could also be a choking hazard for your little one. Of course, you are welcome to nurse or bottle feed your baby in our lounge or during class as needed. You can also bring water into the studio as long as the water is in an enclosed cup or bottle and clearly labeled with your little one’s name. If you need to feed your little one a snack or a more substantive meal and you’re attending class feel free to step out into the lounge area to feed your baby or toddler


ILLNESS:  Both the adult and child participatin in a class should be free of any symptoms of diarrhea, vomiting, conjunctivitis, rash, fever, or colored nasal discharge for a FULL 24 HOUR PERIOD prior to class.  For any symptoms identified or undiagnosed, please consult with a Pediatrician prior to attending class. We hate to have anyone miss class, but hopefully we can help keep each other’s families healthy by following these guidelines. These guidelines will also help to keep your family healthy


DIAPER CHANGES:  You may change your little one’s diaper in class as needed, but please do not dispose of the dirty diaper in the studio (this is a health board regulation). Instead, please take it out with you as you leave


CRYING:  Crying is one of the ways kids express themselves and vocalize their needs. Should your little one begin to cry, deepen your breath and relax – no one hears your little one crying as loud as you do. Bring him or her close to you. As you relax, your little one will relax. Use your inner wisdom to do what you think your little one needs to become comfortable again.


SIBLINGS:  As much as we would love to meet your little one’s sibling(s), our classes are designed for special one-on-one time between the caregiver and child who is enrolled in the class. As such, please try and leave siblings at home. We offer Family classes on Saturdays, for your special bonding time on the mat.


VISITORS:  Please refrain from bringing visitors to watch our class. As with most yoga classes, we learn through embodying the practice and supporting a non-judgmental space for new and experienced yoginis– having visitors in the class could change this dynamic.


OTHER PARENT  :If Mom has to miss class, Dad (or Nanny, Grandparent, etc) is welcome to bring your little one to class or vice versa..


CONFIDENTIALITY:  We strive to create a safe, sacred space in each beanie Yogini class. Some conversations and feelings displayed in class discussions are shared in confidence. Please treat others with the same privacy, honor and respect you’d like to receive


INCLEMENT WEATHER:  Your safety is our biggest concern. Class may be cancelled if our area is experiencing inclement weather on the day your class is scheduled, or if our studiois experiencing a power outage. In the case of inclement weather, we will follow the Chester County School District’s school closure decisions on weekdays during the school year. On all other days, we will base our decision on current weather conditions near the studio. If class is cancelled, a message will be posted on our website

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